SRA DAZLAK: Starfleet officer (class of 2376). Lieutenant (JG). Male. Bajoran. Born on Jerraddo (Alpha quadrant). Son of Sra Cihrs & Sito Myra (aunt of Ensign Sito Jaxa) in 2360.

The Sra family settled on Jeraddo (Bajoran 5th moon) to get away from the Bajoran way of life, and to escape the Cardassian occupation of 2328. This moon was evacuated in 2369 when the Provisional government of Bajor ordered an energy-transfer project to provide more power for Bajor as part of the regeneration of Bajor after the Cardassians withdrew their annexe of Bajor. This is where Dazlak grew up. He decided to start his adult life apart from his parents, and at this time moved to Solaris IV. The Federation had set up a colony which quickly turned into a Bajoran refugee camp in the troubled time that led upto the Cardassian withdrawal.

This is where he met his former partner, Gerron, a male Bajoran operative of the terrorist group — The Maquis, and later provisional crewman of USS Voyager after it was transported to the Delta quadrant. After the Cardassian attack of that colony (2368) and the subsequent break up this relationship, Dazlak decided to settle on Bajor whereas Gerron joined the Maquis.

It was on Bajor, Dazlak's real home, that a number of events conspired to make him take the profound decision of joining Starfleet. Whilst working fot the Provisional Bajoran governement in 2369-2370 Dazlak visited the Dakeen monestary as a tourist. This event had a profound effect on him which culminated in him starting a Pah'tem'far quest (a spiritual journey of enlightenment). His dissolutionment with his life and his sense of isolation from his heritage made him an ideal candidate for such a thing. At the centre of the Bajoran religion is worship of The Prophets and the Pah'tem'far is a customary part of Bajoran spiritual lives.

Part of this quest led him to seek the guidance of one of the Bajoran orbs held in the monestary. The vision that ensued made it quite clear to him that he, like many of his kin were destined to help the Federation in some future galactic struggle which was to be very much bound up in the destiny of Bajor and, as it happened, most of the Alpha quadrant. The conflict that the Prophets were referring to was, of course, the war with the Dominion in the years 2373-2375.

And so Dazlak entered SF Academy in 2371, although didn't finish his training until after the war with Dominion.Dazlak had always had a very close relationship with his cousin, Sito Jaxa, and whilst she was at Starfleet Academy he visited her reguarly and knew all about her exploits in Nova Squadron. He was devastated when he heard of her disappearance and presumed death. This was the chief cause of his sense of isolation from mainstream Bajoran culture and the chief catalyst for the changes in his life.

His decision to apply to Starfleet academy was as a result of the encouragement of a friend, Leeta, who he had met when he worked for the Bajoran Provisional Government on Deep Space 9 for a brief time. Leeta was a Bajoran, dabo girl in Quark's, a bar on Deep Space 9. Having an extensive knowledge of Starfleet protocols and customs (she met a lot Starfleet officers at the station), she willingly offered her assistance to Dazlak.

After 2 years at SF academy it was clear that Dazlak was not going to fill the awesome shoes his cousin left behind her. However, Dazlak worked hard and gained a field commission of Ensign after an incident during his time on a training commission in 2373.
Born 2340 on Bajor, Mr Sra Dazlak in operations, had started to find his place in the Star Trek universe.

Dazlak's favorite foood is:hasperath, a traditional, fajhita style dish. He likes his hasperath variety is spiced with kava root.

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